Saturday, April 17, 2010

There are somethings painfully lost in today’s gadget-driven virtual world. We are replacing real life experiences with time-sucking, technology bullshit. We peek through our internet looking-glass like voyeurs of some distant reality, where people are actually living life as it was meant to be. Do you really effin’ think that Steve McQueen would be glued to his iPad surfing for the latest neat-o apps? Or would he get off his ass and get to livin’? We are in serious danger of becoming emasculated by all this cyber-crap. I’ve been absent the past couple weeks, not even thinking about the internet. And you know what? It felt really good. I can honestly say I didn’t miss a damn thing.

I admire the guys at It’s Better In The Wind for reminding us of the pure joy that can come only from the quest for adventure– the kind of adventures that were taken on more by generations past than the iNerds and Crackberries we’ve become today. All I can say is we’ve largely lost our desire to live, and replaced it with a need to be validated by smartphones, laptops, and all the other crap that keeps us from the physical world we were created for. Let’s grow a set, and go find our souls.

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