Saturday, May 8, 2010

How to prepare Chimarrão

•Erva Mate,(South American holly or yerba mate, Aquifoliaceae) a special kind of green tea from South America (the greener the better)
•A nice cuia (a cup made from the calabash gourd)
•A metal straw with a filter (in Portuguese, bomba)
•A plastic disc for tamping the mate (you can use a CD covered in paper or your hand)
•A thermos flask with hot water
•A cup of warm water

Legend of mate
A nomadic Indian tribe stood on the slopes of the mountains where the river Tabay. When he resumed his way, a member of the tribe, an Indian old and tired for years, became refugees in the jungle in the company of his daughter Yari, who was very beautiful. One day, arrived at the hideout of an old man who had a strange skin color and dressed in weird clothes, who were generously.

The old man offered the visitor a roast acuta, a rodent in the region, and a plate of tambu, which is prepared from a larva of white flesh and abundant that the Guarani create trunks pindó .

Legend has it that the visitor was sent from God of Good, who wanted to reward such generosity by giving them something they could always offer to its visitors and that could shorten the hours of solitude on the banks of streams where they were resting. For them, has spawned a new plant in the jungle, which he called Yari, goddess who protected it, and entrusted their care to his father, Caa Yara, teaching him to dry her arms fire and prepare a dish that could offer to all who visit. Since then, the new plant grows, giving the leaves and branches to prepare the mate.

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